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Dwonload Fonts

Fonts are indeed very useful when it comes to any creative work. They help to define the variety of styles available in the shape and size of the characters in both Hindi and English alphabets. Proper font selection is important when typing anything, as it can greatly impact the readability and visual appeal of the text. Choosing the right font can make your writing more comfortable and understandable for the reader. Therefore, it is important to choose a font that complements the tone and style of your work to effectively convey your message.


English Fonts

We can suggest some popular English fonts that you may find very useful. Here are some common English fonts that you can download and install on your system. Some of the fonts are already installed with Windows.

# Font Name Download Pre-installed
1 Arial Download Yes
2 Times New Roman Download Yes
3 Calibri Download Yes
4 Helvetica Download No
5 Verdana Download Yes
6 Georgia Download Yes
7 Century Gothic Download Yes
8 Garamond Download Yes
9 Cambria Download Yes
10 Palatino Download Yes
11 Courier New Download Yes
12 Open Sans Download Yes
13 Lato Download No
14 Montserrat Download No
15 Roboto Download No

Hindi Fonts

Hindi is a most commonly spoken language in India and several other countries. There are a variety of Hindi fonts available that you can download from here and install it on your system. But wait a minute, take your time in studying about two types of coding behind Hindi fonts and use it accordingly. Unicode and Non-unicode Fonts, click here to know more.

Unicode Hindi Fonts

# Font Name Download Pre-installed
1 Akshar-Unicode Download No
2 Amiko-Regular Download No
3 Amita-Regular Download No
4 Aparajita Download No
5 Cambay Download No
6 Chandas Download No
7 EkMukta-Regular Download No
8 Gargi Download No
9 Hind-Regular Download No
10 Kalam-Regular Download No
11 Kanika Download No
12 Kokila Download No
13 Laila-Regular Download No
14 Mangal Download No
15 Nirmala Download Yes
16 Poppins-Regular Download No
17 Rajdhani-Regular Download No
18 Rhodiumlibre Download No
19 Rozhaone Download No
20 Sanskrit2003 Download No
21 Sanskrit_text Download No
22 Teko-Regular Download No
23 Utsaah Download No
24 Yantramanav-Regular Download No
25 Yogesh Download No

Non-unicode Hindi Fonts

# Font Name Download Pre-installed
1 Chanakya Download No
2 Devlys Download No
3 Krishna Download No
4 KrutiDev Download No